Babywearing - Why?

There is a variety of reasons why Babywearing definitly is worth a try. To me the most important one is that Babywearing  supports your baby's health and sanity.


Wearing is caring!

Babys need love, physical contact and a feeling of security. Your baby gets to know the world around from a safe position, near to Mom or Dad. Without risking a sensory overload your baby's senses get stimulated. There is always the possibility to resile. Your baby can just have a nap, snuggle with Mom or Dad and listen to the appeasing sound of the heartbeat.


Babywearing makes you happy

Parents who carry their baby are able to recognize the needs at a very early point in time.

All in all children who are wrapped onto their Mom or Dad are more satisfied and cry much less than those who do not have the chance to experience Babywearing.

All these factors build the basis for a strong bonding between child and parents.

In addition to that Babywearing helps the hip joints to mature and supports the correct development of your baby's spine.


Babywearing is THE parenting tool

And last but not least (!) Babywearing is one of the most beneficial parenting tools because it is extremly handy!

Having your hands free and a satisfied baby in a wrap or a carrier makes your everyday life much easier!

No matter whether you are having a walk on the beach or a shoppingtour downtown, you can bring your baby without having trouble due to sand, stairs...and the pushchair.

You can even do the chores without any stress and besides you both have a number of cuddles.