Babywearing consult - Why?

Babywearing is  a current trend and we can obeserve a boom concerning new wraps and carriers which are available in different versions.

Some years ago somehow babywearing was looked at as being something reserved for parents who lived a  bohemian liefstyle. Nowadays it is trendy and a useful parenting tool for everybody. 

Today parents are really spoilt for choice due to the mass available on the market and every now and then new wraps and carriers excel through their new designs and functions.

The number of videos presenting tutorials for the interested audience increases, too.

From my own experience I know how much

fun it can be to practice wrapping in front of a mirror, watching such a tutorial e.g. on Youtube. Video tutorials definitly have a 'right to exsist' and can be a useful addition to a babywearing consult.

Nevertheless, every parent-child-constellation differs in terms of the body and the needs and requirements in everyday life. Actually a competent consult stands out due to that point: The consultant figures out these individual parameters and finds a solution that fits for all, parents and baby. She (or he:-)) presents the key to comfortable, handy babywearing and hopefully leaves back happy babies and relaxed parents :-)