I am 33 years old and a mother of two little girls. Together with my family I live in Harrislee next to Flensburg.


When I was pregnant with my older daughter I started buying everything that I expected to be useful when you are having a baby. I thought a lot about the matter "transport" because we were living at the third floor and we are dog owners.I brooded a lot over a smart solution for bringing the baby downstairs and up again several times a day without having to carry the pushchair.

Somehow I got the feeling that there should be something out there that could help me.

This was the reason for me to buy my first carrier and shortly after my first wrap. I entered the wonderful, relaxed world of babywearing with all its possibilities...and it was love at first sight!

My qualification

In 2015 I attented the school of babywearing in Hamburg.

There I added substantiated knowledge to my own practical experience and learned about techniques that form a qualified consult.


Beforehand I studied intercultural communication and modern languages (BA) and completed a study in cultur-language-media (MA).


I am a teacher for German as foreign/second language and I profit from this experience when I impart knowledge.